Lee Anne B.

I have been very pleased with the progress I have made in the year I have worked with Brent Cameron. I have lost 40 pounds with just strength training—no change in diet and no additional exercise.  Not only have I already regained the strength it takes to easily handle a 40-lb. jug of water, Brent totally changed the way I stand, walk and climb stairs so that I can negotiate stairs with virtually no pain for the first time in twenty years.  I have been most impressed by his care in protecting my injured knee and lower back throughout my workouts. He watches form and makes minute corrections that often make a huge difference in how my knee responds to an exercise. I have suffered no further injuries in the year I have worked with Brent, unlike my previous personal trainer, who had me do an exercise the very first day that made my knee painful for the next two weeks. Thank You for changing my life.

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Aaron K.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note of thanks. I’ve worked with three different trainers over the past four years (including one named “Best Trainer in Seattle” by Seattle Magazine) and you are very clearly the leader of the pack. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment are unmatched and most importantly you make it fun to work hard. Most important, though, are the results I’ve made with you in working toward my fitness goals. After six months, there’s a noticeable difference in the way I look and feel (and my fiancé agrees). We both couldn’t believe how I started at 215 pounds, and ended up at my high school weight of 185, in such a short time! Consider me your loyal student – where you go, I will follow!

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Judy D.

THANK YOU BRENT!!!! for making it possible for me to run! I can jog downhill now. That’s a HUGE change from when I began training with you last July. At our first meeting, I told you that my left knee hurt every time I took a downhill step, and that I walked down the hill to my bus stop incredibly slowly. I had also just had the unfortunate experience of having difficulty of getting out from under my desk at work after an earthquake drill! AND, my left arm was injured (2 years prior) and it still hurt to lift it. I couldn’t believe it but experienced improvement during the week after our first session. There has been improvement after every session since then! Thank you for designing an intelligent plan for strengthening my knees and shoulder and making me sturdier all around! Wow! It worked. Thank you for your “you can do it, Judy!!!” attitude. Thank you for your support when I had doubts about my abilities  You bring knowledge, creativity, innovation, and humor to our sessions. Thank you!!! I am now pain-free and so much stronger. I look forward to being able to hike in the Cascades this summer. On a more mundane level, my day-to-day activities are now easy to accomplish. Just give me a vacuum cleaner and stand out of the way! I consider every workout with you a mini-vacation for me. See you next week!

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Stephanie K.

I am a RN, with a BSN, and I am also a CCM. Needless to say as professional in the medical field I was skeptical of personal training, until I met Brent. It was almost exactly 9 months ago when I first decided to give him a shot. When I started training with Brent I was a size 12, and I am now happy to state that I am a size 4. I lost more fat and weight that I thought I possible and have kept the weight off, without having to sacrifice too much in terms of eating the things I love. Brent’s encouragement has kept me going and helped me reach goals that I did not think were attainable.

I love his training style. His style is one in which he wants you to push yourself to your limit in terms of strength and endurance, but always making sure that you have the correct form so as to not injure yourself. Whether I was in a gym or in a personal fitness studio, his attention has always been focused on the client he is working with.

I have now reached my goals and gone far beyond them!  He has taught me a good foundation to continue to build on. I look forward to many many years of continued success with Brent’s “Real Results!” as the root of all my exercise and fitness success!

Starting Weight: 168lbs

Current Weight: 124lbs

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Matti S.

At the age of 62 I started weight training for the first time in my life with Animal/Brent at “Fitness with Animal.” Although I have been fairly physically active most of my life, I had never before sweat during exercise. Honestly weight training scared me, and I was very concerned about possible injury. Brent quickly gained my trust because of his knowledge of anatomy, vast experience as a personal trainer, emphasis on correct form, and his sensitivity to the individual client’s limits. After 6 months of training on a regular basis I am not only stronger and more toned but more importantly I have confidence in my ability to lift my two-year-old grandson and safely move heavy objects at my work. I am a massage therapist and work with all shapes and sizes of people. It is reassuring at my age to have this new sense of confidence in my physicality. I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continuing to see more amazing things happen to my body because of Brent’s personal training techniques!

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Lynette H.

The best decision I have ever made! The caliber of personal training there was the best I had ever experienced!!! I have been to a lot of different trainers over the years but had not met any trainer that comes close to what Fitness with Animal has to offer. The workouts are very very tough but more importantly I am learning how my body works more and more each day, because of the system that Brent Cameron has come up with at FwA. Please give him a call and make sure you are able to meet with Brent, you won’t regret it!

(on a side note – due to Lynette’s hard work in the gym and application of “Structure” throughout the day, she literally regained 1.25 inches of height after working with me for 12 months. She is in her 50’s and was suffering from some pretty painful kyphosis, which is a condition of over-curvature of the thoracic vertebrae/upper back. After a lot of Structural work, corrective exercises, and good ole fashioned weight training her back started to straighten out and her pain levels plummeted.)

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Jenny D.

I started weight training with Brent about one year ago. I am in my 30’s and have always been physically active, mostly soccer, but was very curious as too what benefits I would get from personal training. When Brent described his system and philosophy to me, I decided to give it a try and I have not regretted doing so. I feel stronger and more confident in myself after every time we meet. I have never had an injury under Brent’s guidance because he is sensitive to my individual needs and adjusts exercises accordingly. He is also passionate about the benefits of his work no matter if the client is an athlete or a stay at home mother of 2. He is supportive and positive in his approach while at the same time pushing a person to greater challenges, which ultimately lead to a more healthy and balanced person. And most important to me, this whole personal training experience with Brent has been a load of fun!

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Michele O.

I first met Brent Cameron while I was a member of a downtown gym where I had sought personal training. I was rather exasperated, as I had seen little results. I had been passed around from a couple of trainers, as the gym could not keep good trainers. I was just about ready to forgo further training until I was assigned Brent. It was apparent from the start that he was a totally different caliber of personal trainer. His depth of knowledge, application of the system he created, his ability to pass on his enthusiasm for workouts, and his commitment to his clients was beyond compare. When Brent told me he was going to form his own practice, it was a no-brainer to support his efforts.

Brent makes adhering to a schedule of personal training easy, because you feel you are working together to achieve your goals. In the last year since working with Brent, I’ve dropped 20 pounds, gone from a size 6 to size 4 (and now almost 2). Most importantly I have developed amazing muscle strength, which I greatly value as a small bone middle-aged woman.

I need to be in shape to handle the rigors of my job, which includes a good deal of tough negotiations with demanding business clients, some who are in the medical field. I also have history of osteoporosis, so the weight work is just what I need to keep my bones strong.

The results were achieved with Brent due to his determined and unique personal training methods. Beyond his overall enthusiasm, he has great expertise in of all aspects of anatomy and enjoys explaining how individual exercises affect your body. Beyond his education efforts he fully employs other methods such as cajoling, prodding, laughter, and belief that you can do more.

I really am delighted with the results we have achieved; I just love when I can get on a plane and in one fluid motion lift my luggage into the overhead compartment, to the surprise of all around me. My friends haven’t asked me to help them move, thankfully, but if they need help with one item they know whom to call. The advantages of having this strong body are great! The advantages of having a nice figure are even better!!! Thanks Brent!!!

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Phoebe J.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life and do it properly, do it with Animal! One of the saddest days of my life was when Animal told me he was moving away from Seattle. I knew that I would be losing a great trainer, a mentor, and a dear friend. I started training with Animal when I was the tender age of 22 and he set a foundation for me that will last me a lifetime. His knowledge of the human body and nutrition combined makes for the perfect trainer. During my sessions, I always felt safe because I was confidant that Animal was ALWAYS watching my form, and because his workouts made sense. His workouts were rarely ever the same so I was always excited to go in. If I came in and wanted to work a certain muscle group, he would quickly incorporate a new move into the routine to meet my need. Furthermore, if I ever went in with a bad mood, Animals’ uplifting character took away my blues (of course the high adrenaline rush from lifting weights helped as well).

Animal is also very professional. He won’t say anything to make you feel uncomfortable and you always get your full times worth of working out. You will always walk out feeling as though you’ve accomplished something great with your body, and be stronger and more fit that you were walking in. I can’t express enough how much I miss my trainer, and if I were to ever get so lucky as to train with him again, I would do it in a heartbeat!

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Mike O.

I met Animal through a friend who was training with him at the time. My friend told me that I had to meet this “very smart trainer.” I was lifting weights and doing submission wrestling at the time, and was not looking to train with anyone new. I had previously worked with two personal trainers, earlier in the year, and wasn’t looking to work with another one. I’ll just say my experience with the other trainers hurt me far more then it helped me. But with Animal’s background in Jiu Jitsu, Football, and overall knowledge of how the body works, it was too much of a learning opportunity to pass up. He showed me the commonalities between weightlifting, wrestling, and boxing. For example he helped me understand how doing a bench press can be the same movement pattern as a straight cross or a jab, so that whatever I learn in one movement can be applied to other similar movements. It was Amazing. He also showed me his 7 point proper spinal alignment technique. That really helped my low back pain , which had unfortunately accumulated over all the years of incorrect training I was doing. I also had him work with my elderly mom, and it took away her back pain. So much so that she was able to walk small distances without her walker.

Animal was also the first person to notice that I was using my shoulder too much in upper body movements. Consequently he helped me get a more muscular balance in my shoulders and chest so I wasn’t so tight all the time. He was always encouraging and tailoring our workouts to my level. I also saw how he worked with other men and women, and how he would tailor their workouts to their specific joint issues, as well as to their personal workout goals. I learned a lot from Animal and would still be training with him if he hadn’t moved out of state.

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