Stephanie K.

I am a RN, with a BSN, and I am also a CCM. Needless to say as professional in the medical field I was skeptical of personal training, until I met Brent. It was almost exactly 9 months ago when I first decided to give him a shot. When I started training with Brent I was a size 12, and I am now happy to state that I am a size 4. I lost more fat and weight that I thought I possible and have kept the weight off, without having to sacrifice too much in terms of eating the things I love. Brent’s encouragement has kept me going and helped me reach goals that I did not think were attainable.

I love his training style. His style is one in which he wants you to push yourself to your limit in terms of strength and endurance, but always making sure that you have the correct form so as to not injure yourself. Whether I was in a gym or in a personal fitness studio, his attention has always been focused on the client he is working with.

I have now reached my goals and gone far beyond them!  He has taught me a good foundation to continue to build on. I look forward to many many years of continued success with Brent’s “Real Results!” as the root of all my exercise and fitness success!

Starting Weight: 168lbs

Current Weight: 124lbs