Lee Anne B.

I have been very pleased with the progress I have made in the year I have worked with Brent Cameron. I have lost 40 pounds with just strength training—no change in diet and no additional exercise.  Not only have I already regained the strength it takes to easily handle a 40-lb. jug of water, Brent totally changed the way I stand, walk and climb stairs so that I can negotiate stairs with virtually no pain for the first time in twenty years.  I have been most impressed by his care in protecting my injured knee and lower back throughout my workouts. He watches form and makes minute corrections that often make a huge difference in how my knee responds to an exercise. I have suffered no further injuries in the year I have worked with Brent, unlike my previous personal trainer, who had me do an exercise the very first day that made my knee painful for the next two weeks. Thank You for changing my life.