Michele O.

I first met Brent Cameron while I was a member of a downtown gym where I had sought personal training. I was rather exasperated, as I had seen little results. I had been passed around from a couple of trainers, as the gym could not keep good trainers. I was just about ready to forgo further training until I was assigned Brent. It was apparent from the start that he was a totally different caliber of personal trainer. His depth of knowledge, application of the system he created, his ability to pass on his enthusiasm for workouts, and his commitment to his clients was beyond compare. When Brent told me he was going to form his own practice, it was a no-brainer to support his efforts.

Brent makes adhering to a schedule of personal training easy, because you feel you are working together to achieve your goals. In the last year since working with Brent, I’ve dropped 20 pounds, gone from a size 6 to size 4 (and now almost 2). Most importantly I have developed amazing muscle strength, which I greatly value as a small bone middle-aged woman.

I need to be in shape to handle the rigors of my job, which includes a good deal of tough negotiations with demanding business clients, some who are in the medical field. I also have history of osteoporosis, so the weight work is just what I need to keep my bones strong.

The results were achieved with Brent due to his determined and unique personal training methods. Beyond his overall enthusiasm, he has great expertise in of all aspects of anatomy and enjoys explaining how individual exercises affect your body. Beyond his education efforts he fully employs other methods such as cajoling, prodding, laughter, and belief that you can do more.

I really am delighted with the results we have achieved; I just love when I can get on a plane and in one fluid motion lift my luggage into the overhead compartment, to the surprise of all around me. My friends haven’t asked me to help them move, thankfully, but if they need help with one item they know whom to call. The advantages of having this strong body are great! The advantages of having a nice figure are even better!!! Thanks Brent!!!