Matti S.

At the age of 62 I started weight training for the first time in my life with Animal/Brent at “Fitness with Animal.” Although I have been fairly physically active most of my life, I had never before sweat during exercise. Honestly weight training scared me, and I was very concerned about possible injury. Brent quickly gained my trust because of his knowledge of anatomy, vast experience as a personal trainer, emphasis on correct form, and his sensitivity to the individual client’s limits. After 6 months of training on a regular basis I am not only stronger and more toned but more importantly I have confidence in my ability to lift my two-year-old grandson and safely move heavy objects at my work. I am a massage therapist and work with all shapes and sizes of people. It is reassuring at my age to have this new sense of confidence in my physicality. I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continuing to see more amazing things happen to my body because of Brent’s personal training techniques!