Judy D.

THANK YOU BRENT!!!! for making it possible for me to run! I can jog downhill now. That’s a HUGE change from when I began training with you last July. At our first meeting, I told you that my left knee hurt every time I took a downhill step, and that I walked down the hill to my bus stop incredibly slowly. I had also just had the unfortunate experience of having difficulty of getting out from under my desk at work after an earthquake drill! AND, my left arm was injured (2 years prior) and it still hurt to lift it. I couldn’t believe it but experienced improvement during the week after our first session. There has been improvement after every session since then! Thank you for designing an intelligent plan for strengthening my knees and shoulder and making me sturdier all around! Wow! It worked. Thank you for your “you can do it, Judy!!!” attitude. Thank you for your support when I had doubts about my abilities  You bring knowledge, creativity, innovation, and humor to our sessions. Thank you!!! I am now pain-free and so much stronger. I look forward to being able to hike in the Cascades this summer. On a more mundane level, my day-to-day activities are now easy to accomplish. Just give me a vacuum cleaner and stand out of the way! I consider every workout with you a mini-vacation for me. See you next week!