Wellness Coaching

First I want to say Thank You stopping on by Fitness with Animal! What exactly is Wellness Coaching? Wellness Coaching is all about virtual personal training and helping my clients live as healthy of a life as possible, regardless of their physical location. This training option gives my clients the ability to virtually train with me, regardless of their job, travel requirements, or what country they are living in. I currently live in Denver, Colorado but work with clients throughout the United States, as well as various countries overseas. What type of Coaching I do with the client is dependent on the package that said client needs and purchases. I Love being able to help people get Fit & Healthy all over this planet and Wellness Coaching allows me the opportunity to do just that!

Some of my previous clients include traveling business executives, stay-at-home moms, current of former professional athletes, or simply people who are trying to make better Health & Fitness Lifestyle choices. The very first step in this program is to figure out the clients goals and then build a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle around those goals. Diet and exercise will be closely monitored and tweaked along the way. It is crucial that we create a convenient email and Skype communication schedule so we are able to stay in touch weekly, and sometimes daily. Looking forward to talking more about this coaching opportunity and how it can positively impact your life!