Personal Training


Thanks so much for being here! I take it you are checking out the Personal Training section of FwA because you are interested in making some Fitness and Lifestyle changes. That makes me one happy trainer! I Love helping people get Fit and changing their lives so they can live a Fitter and Healthier lifestyle for many years to come. My focus is on getting ALL of my clients Real Results! I’ve been training people for over 20 years and I know what works. I’ve seen lives radically changed by simply spending a few hours a week in a gym with me. Being Fit is a totally attainable goal and we’ll get you there as soon as humanly possible, I promise you that! Please call or email me with questions about anything!

You might be wondering what makes me different then all of the other trainers out there? Well I have a college degree, I’ve passed all of the most coveted personal training certifications there are, I’ve worked with a variety of people with various goals and injuries, but most importantly I care deeply about helping YOU! My only purpose in doing what I do is to help people achieve goals they never thought possible! I’ve written and presented extensively on low back pain, how to Eat to Win, effective weight training, results driven cardiovascular work, healthy weight loss, successful diet strategies, and many other topics essential to a Fit & Healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions on any of the aforementioned topics please feel free to ask! You can reach me via telephone or email, and you can also sign up to to get some Free Motivation and Fitness tips throughout the week. And as an added bonus I will give you my eBook “7 Pillars of Real Results!”

Please call or email with any and all questions! I look forward to helping you reach any and ALL of your Fitness Goals!!! Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!