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    I met Animal through a friend who was training with him at the time. My friend told me that I had to meet this “very smart trainer.” I was lifting weights and doing submission wrestling at the time, and was not looking to train with anyone new. I had previously worked with two personal trainers, earlier in the year, and wasn’t looking to work with another one. I’ll just say my experience with the other trainers hurt me far more then it helped me. But with Animal’s background in Jiu Jitsu, Football, and overall knowledge of how the body works, it was too much of a learning opportunity to pass up. He showed me the commonalities between weightlifting, wrestling, and boxing. For example he helped me understand how doing a bench press can be the same movement pattern as a straight cross or a jab, so that whatever I learn in one movement can be applied to other similar movements. It was Amazing. He also showed me his 7 point proper spinal alignment technique. That really helped my low back pain , which had unfortunately accumulated over all the years of incorrect training I was doing. I also had him work with my elderly mom, and it took away her back pain. So much so that she was able to walk small distances without her walker.

    Animal was also the first person to notice that I was using my shoulder too much in upper body movements. Consequently he helped me get a more muscular balance in my shoulders and chest so I wasn’t so tight all the time. He was always encouraging and tailoring our workouts to my level. I also saw how he worked with other men and women, and how he would tailor their workouts to their specific joint issues, as well as to their personal workout goals. I learned a lot from Animal and would still be training with him if he hadn’t moved out of state.

    ~ Mike O.


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"Most of the important things in the world have by accomplished by people who kept on trying, when there seemed no hope at all" D. Carnegie

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